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New from Quandl: data to empower M&A strategies


Quandl’s Corporate Aviation Intelligence (CAI) dataset was mission-built to provide a unified view of corporate air travel on a global scale. Enable your inner detective and use this product to confirm M&A activity and other corporate events. Read More

WorldQuant to launch its first fund open to outside investors

Financial Times (Subscription)

The quantitative investment firm expects to raise more than $1 billion over the next few months for a fund that will invest in global stock markets and aim to outperform its benchmark by 3 to 6 percentage points annually. Read More

Vilas thinks Tesla’s reckoning is imminent

Business Insider

Tesla now comprises about 98% of the hedge fund’s short book. One rationale for their bearish position: Profit margins are far higher on bigger, more expensive cars. Therefore, the faster Tesla makes Model 3s, the more money they will lose. Read More

Quandl’s Clayton Feick talks alternative data

The Fintech Impact Podcast

Quandl VP of Sales & Business Development discusses the data economy and the future of alternative data with Jason Pereira. Read More

Putting the ‘hedge’ back in ‘hedge fund’

Bloomberg View

Matt Levine opines that when investing in a hedge fund today, conservatism is wiser than betting on a superstar hedge-fund manager. Read More

Deutsche Bank launches α-DIG tool

Asset Servicing Times

Deutsche Bank has launched α-DIG, a web tool that uses NLP to quantify the materiality of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues as well as brand value, culture, innovation and management quality. Read More

Square primed to be a data company


Square has some of the most valuable data in the world: They know how people use their money. Building out consumer and merchant profiles and matching them with each other could help Square create a new and very lucrative revenue stream. Read More

‘The Efficiency Paradox’ Review: Big Data, Big Problems

The Wall Street Journal (Subscription)

Edward Tenner’s book posits that though technology is making our lives ever more convenient, it also may be having the unintended effect of lowering our skill set. Read More

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