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Firing on all cylinders: The 2017 big data landscape


Matt Turck of FirstMark Capital pens his annual, long-form “State of the Union” writeup of key trends in big data and artificial intelligence. Read More

Hedge funds close in on designing the ultimate trader’s brain

Gulf News Money

Will deep learning solve the general problem in investment management? WorldQuant, Winton and several other quant funds aim to find out. Read More

AI quantitative and DIY funds: The landscape


Fintech venture capitalist Etienne Brunet lays out the competitive landscape of quant and DIY funds who are disrupting a $3.2 trillion industry (infographic included). Read More

The dark secret at the heart of AI

MIT Technology Review

No one really knows how the most advanced algorithms do what they do. That could be a problem. AI expert Will Knight explores the possibilities. Read More

How big data is automating portfolio management

Huffington Post

AbleMarket’s Irene Aldridge explains big data analysis technique Singular Value Decomposition in this contributed piece for The Huffington Post. Read More

What is quantamental?


Quantavista Labs is developing a quantamental analysis platform and positioning itself as a leader in this emerging space. Here founder Michael Ho takes a stab at creating the definitive guide. Read More

Jeff Bezos lays out Amazon’s three-pronged approach to AI


As one of the world’s leaders in technology and innovation, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos lays out the company’s approach to AI in his annual shareholder letter. Read More

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