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New report projects $7 billion in spending on alternative data by 2020


Opimas puts some hard numbers behind the alternative data space: 21% growth year-over-year, $7 billion in spend on data and infrastructure, 5% excess returns. Full report only available to subscribers (but worthy detail in the summary!) Read More

Beyond the hype of big data: An interview with Quandl’s Abraham Thomas


Toronto-based Q4 sits down with Quandl Chief Data Officer, Abraham Thomas, who breaks down big data and says the machines aren’t there yet. Read More

The new buy-side winners as big data takes over


Citing Opimas’ $7 billion figure, this post suggests that while some jobs will be automated, others will be created to source and make sense of all the data. Read More

Steven Cohen just gave millions to crowd-sourcing hedge funders


Quantopian has begun allocating some of the money invested by Steven Cohen to trading algorithms coded by freelance computer scientists, as it steps up its efforts to disrupt the hedge fund industry. Read More

When it comes to picking stocks, humans are so passé


NPR’s Planet Money is covering Wall Street’s growing interest in technology that powers investment decisions. This week’s episode illuminates the one key piece of this shift — the business of buying and selling data. Read More

Auto data start-up Otonomo raises $25m, led by automotive supplier Delphi


Those interested in the auto industry: take note. Israeli-based Otonomo secures $25 million in Series B funding to grow its marketplace. The company connects car makers and drivers with service providers, optimizing the monetization of that data. Read More

Quants skeptical of big data, machine-learning hype

Institutional Investor

Not everyone is totally on the BlackRock bandwagon. Some believe asset managers may be overconfident about their abilities to find signals in big datasets that best current strategies. Read More

Conference Alert: Third Annual FinTech Exchange, Chicago, April 27

FinTech Chicago

This Chicago event is the best opportunity to learn about all things fintech. The first five people to register with the discount code “QUANDL” will receive a free pass. Enjoy the event! Read More

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