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February 2020

Dataland: The evolution of AI & Big Data


Watch the film that explores how AI and Big Data are permeating everyday life. From DNA transmission to finance, Dataland looks at where the tech (and its industries) are headed. Read More

Agriculture data partnership raises concerns


With the impending growing season, a land owner/data aggregator partnership raises the profile of data rights and privacy in the midwest. Read More

JP Morgan goes all-in on ESG

Institutional Investor

Riding the ESG buzz, get comments on the sea change (and how it’s being implemented) from J.P. Morgan’s head of sustainability. Read More

Tracking China’s recovery with alt data


See how those adept at interpreting alternative data are aggregating various signals within China to assess the market’s recovery. Read More

What’s the cost of data compliance?

Information Week

With the CCPA now in effect, the costs of ongoing data compliance are estimated at $467M to $16B in the next 10 years. How can the laws scale to be more effective? Read More

Knoema buys Adaptive Management


Get the details on the acquisition of alt data aggregator Adaptive Management by data visualization and discovery platform, Knoema. Read More

EU’s battle over Big Tech’s hold on data

Financial Times ($)

Look into the new data-sharing principles outlined in the EU’s Data Act, including their wide-reaching effects on big tech and industries that rely on extracting insight from data. Read More

Amazon’s data vortex

BBC News

With an eye towards Amazon’s data collection practices, explore why (and how) the e-retail colossus knows so much about you. Read More

Morgan Stanley to buy E-Trade for $13B

Business Insider

Hot on the heels of a Charles Schwab-led price war, follow Morgan Stanley’s pivot into the wealth management space with an all-stock takeover. Read More

Using AI when Big Data is small

Industry Week

ML and AI lend themselves to monumental quantities of data. But how do you apply those techniques to industries where the sample size is limited? Read More

Hunting for alt data to offset C-Virus shock

Financial Times ($)

In a bid to foresee market recovery from Coronavirus, read how alternative data is being used as investors’ crystal ball. Read More

California’s privacy act gets clearer

Venture Beat

Following a “Notice of Modifications” by California’s Attorney General, get the latest on the data privacy legislation leading the compliance charge. Read More

ISPs sue Maine citing free speech

Ars Technica

Fighting for the ability to freely sell customer data, see how Maine’s broadband industry is suing under the flag of the First Amendment. Read More

Yodlee’s data privacy reprise


With privacy-conscious consumers swelling, Yodlee stands as a cautionary tale of data anonymization gone wrong. Now they’re being used to shake the tree… Read More

EU outlines plans for Big Data, AI


Track the EU’s developing policies for AI and Big Data as legislators plan the next decade’s data collection, manipulation, and harmonization practices. Read More

Weaponizing alternative data

Data Driven Investor

Facing considerable alpha decay and a “glacial adoption pace”, secure key takeaways on the state and direction of alternative data as presented at 2020’s Quandl Data Conference. Read More

Global economic fallout mounts in C-virus wake

The Washington Post

In another “shock toward global de-integration”, uncover the latest take on the coronavirus’ widespread financial impacts—bolstered by Quandl-sourced data. Read More

BlackRock’s skeleton key to bonds


See why BlackRock says the time has come for “bond fund managers to adopt data-driven investing techniques”. Read More

CircleUp nears close with PE quant strategies

Institutional Investor

Keep pace with CircleUp’s quant-led hires as their systematic private equity fund preps for a $100M close before July. Read More

Decoding data’s future with Quandl’s CEO


Sit down with CEO Tammer Kamel to hear how Quandl operates at the forefront of data-driven professions, and get fresh insights on our newest datasets. Read More

Quants vs. devs: How much BoA pays in NYC


Curious how much Bank of America values their quants and technologists in the Big Apple? Grab a quick look at earnings and average salaries. Read More

Man and machine, a mutual need

View quantamental investing’s advantages through examples of successful AI & human integration in other industries —such as diagnostic medicine. Read More

Amidst decline, hybrid investors hold hope

Financial Times ($)

Quants are on the rise and alt data is overflowing. Read how this quantamental pioneer sees the worlds of fundamental and quantitative coming together. Read More

Our thanks, your thoughts


From favorite sessions to highlights of the day, here’s what you said were the brightest parts of 2020’s Quandl Data Conference. Read More

Two Sigma’s billion dollar PE gambit

Institutional Investor

Get the details on Sightway, Two Sigma’s vehicle for bringing quant investing to private markets… headed by a former lead Google engineer. Read More

How Billions’ co-creator cracked top funds

Business Insider

Hear how Billions co-creator Brian Koppelman sat in with the hedge fund elite to better portray the spectrum of personalities in the investment world. Read More

ICE’s search for eBay’s ‘Buy Now’ button

The Economist

Originally set up to run a commodity-futures exchange, take an early look at a potential acquisition that’s left many financial experts confounded. Read More

Using alt data creatively to find ESG alpha

Pensions & Investments

See how asset managers are getting creative with the use of unstructured, alternative data to find alpha in ESG funds. Read More

Win deals with Blackstone’s data scientists


With use of data science increasing in private equity, see Blackstone’s three main use cases for data scientists among their ranks. Read More

C-virus surpassing SARS for airline impact


As the global airline industry continues to reel under impacts of C-virus, see how the epidemic stands to make financial waves well beyond the SARS outbreak in 2003. Read More

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