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January 2020

Avast’s data privacy blunder

Various sources

Explore the life and conclusion of data privacy’s latest high-level scandal between a prominent antivirus company, an analytics provider, and a murky gray area of consumer rights. Read Vice’s take  Read U.S. News’ wrap-up  Read Avast’s CEO comments

Alt data’s glow up, growing pains, and trajectory

Business Insider

Capture the state of the industry with Business Insider’s recent take on alt data’s 2019 inflection point and trends as 2020 gets underway. Read More

False signals, alpha, and face dimensions

Balance on the razor’s edge of false signals and alpha opportunities with key takeaways from Goldman MD Matthew Rothman’s presentation at QDC 2020. Read More

Coronavirus’ global economic impact

The Economist

Dive into the economic impacts of the coronavirus on a global scale with the Economist’s latest article on Wuhan’s semi-quarantined outbreak. Read More

Alt data in 2020: Quality over quantity

HedgeWeek ($)

Hear candid input on a growing challenge in alt data—separating quality from quantity—with anonymous comments from a London-based head of quant trading. Read More

16 top quants on global finance’s next decade

Bloomberg ($)

With voices chiming in from Two Sigma, WorldQuant, and more, get answers from 16 leading quant firms as to “what happens next”? Read More

BlackRock backs off black rocks

Ars Technica

Feel the shifting weight as BlackRock moves their near-$7 trillion in assets away from these industries. Read More

The $1.5B wager on sustainability

Bloomberg ($)

Follow David Vogel and the Voloridge Sustainability Fund as they enter the fray using big data to analyze investments linked to climate change. Read More

Alt data seeks new breed of worker


Ride the data wave into a “new breed of worker” as the data supply continues to outpace the ability to sift and sort through it all. Read More

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