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September 2019

What to say in a machine learning interview on the buy-side


Sebastien Guglietta, Brevan Howard’s co-head of ‘computational intelligence systematic strategies’ gives 6 pointers on approaching a buy-side machine learning interview. Read More »

Point 72 used big data to short Weight Watchers, Dave & Buster’s

Bloomberg Quint

Using metrics like geo-location data and social sentiment, Point 72 has found success in applying alternative data to short selling. Read More »

Guide: step-by-step alternative data analysis

Data Driven Investor

Data Driven Investor gives readers a step-by-step guide to perform analysis and data visualization on Quandl’s RS Metrics MetalSignals dataset. Read More »

Financial trading firms are wooing top minds with “exciting” datasets


Driven by the desire to work with large and complex datasets, top mathematical minds are excited by the “faster-than-academia” world of finance. Read More »

GreenKey to release front-end audio analysis dashboard

Waters Technology (subscription)

The new tool, called the Blotter, will be a window into unstructured audio data as a form of operational alpha for the buy and sell sides. Read More »

The era of quantum supremacy has officially arrived

The Economist (subscription)

A new Google experiment is a widely-credible demonstration of a quantum computer outperforming its classical counterpart, which may in time boost fields such as machine learning. Read More »

Protecting portfolios from climate risk

Advisor’s Edge

Amidst accelerating trends, institutional investors are developing methods to measure exposure to climate change. Read More »

Buyout funds and stocks show “almost perfect co-movement”

Institutional Investor

New alternative data shows that while public markets are more volatile, they tend to perform similarly to leveraged buyouts. Read More »

How big data and AI have transformed business culture


In today’s landscape, it’s becoming harder to remember a time when data analysts regularly toiled away far from the spotlight. Read More »

BlueMountain Capital’s alternative data veteran joins the Quandl team

Various Sources

Evan Reich will lead Quandl’s data strategy and sourcing team to find new alternative data sources relevant to clients. Business Insider » The Trade » Yahoo Finance »

Thasos faces staff consolidation moving forward

Business Insider (subscription)

Recent shifts at Thasos have consolidated their staff as the company continues to evolve with the alt data landscape. Read More »

Why quant jobs in finance no longer need finance knowledge


Cornell machine learning professor, Marcos Lopez de Prado, points out quants’ lessening need for financial knowledge due to data obfuscation. Read More »

FactSet’s Rich Newman on open data

WatersTechnology (podcast)

FactSet’s Rich Newman joins Waters Technology’s weekly podcast to talk about the challenges facing the alternative data space and why open data is becoming increasingly important. Full Episode »

Wall Street used to crunch numbers. They’ve moved on to stories

Bloomberg (subscription)

Using algorithms and earnings calls, Carlyle researchers are looking into how the stories on Wall Street impact bottom lines. Read More »

Goldman Sachs’ quant business now rivals AQR and Two Sigma

Business Insider (subscription)

Goldman’s Quantitative Investing Strategies group, one of Wall Street’s biggest and fastest growing units, has doubled its AUM in 2.5 years. Read More »

It’s possible to monetize data while respecting consumer privacy – here’s how


Rising consumer demands for more privacy are driving safer, more ethical, and more efficient data-based business models. Read More »

Alt data: The next-gen payments trend increasing loyalty


Retailers can generate more business-critical insights than ever before by gathering and analyzing consumer purchasing web data. Read More »

Something very strange is going on with bitcoin and BTC Google searches


It appears someone is manipulating Google searches for Bitcoin and BTC, possibly in order to move Bitcoin’s price. Algorithms using search trend data beware… Read More »

China says growth is fine. Private data show a sharper slowdown

The Wall Street Journal (subscription)

Beneath China’s stable headline numbers, alternative data gives validation to growing beliefs that the real picture is much worse. Read More »

Wall Street’s spending big on the public cloud

Business Insider (subscription)

With accelerating rates of innovation, Wall Street’s great data migration has increased the time and money spent on moving from physical servers to the cloud. Read More »

Silicon Valley’s worst enemy returns with even more power

Bloomberg (subscription)

Margrethe Vestager will oversee issues relating to artificial intelligence, big data, innovation, and cybersecurity. Read More »

Hedge funds plan to pour more money into alternative data

Institutional Investor

With 82% of hedge funds using alternative data in some capacity, Lowenstein Sandler’s newest report highlights the importance of cost and quality. Read More »Full Report »

Schroders grows Systematic Investments unit

Wealth Adviser

Former Global Head of Quantitative Research at Barclays UK, Antonia Lim will combine the best of Schroders’ fundamental and quantitative investing teams. Read More »

The qualification for a $125k ‘strat job’ on Wall Street


“Strats”, a kind of hybrid of quants, programmers, data scientists, and traders, have become some of the most in-demand people in finance. Read More »

DMVs are selling your data to private investigators

Motherboard (Vice)

Members of the public may not be aware that when personal information is provided to obtain a driver’s license, the DMV often turns around and offers that information for sale. Read More »

The explosion of alternative data

Market Watch

A comprehensive write up on alt data’s explosive growth, current state, and merge into the mainstream. Read More »

ESG investing – The search for ground truth


Amidst recent calls for corporate social responsibility, Nanalyze turns to alternative data to evaluate the “ground truth” of corporations’ impacts. Read More »

Bloomberg is making complex alternative data sets easier to use for hedge funds

Business Insider (subscription)

The juggernaut wants to make it easier for investors to digest complex, unique datasets. Read More »

One of the world’s oldest quants is going all-in with robots


Millburn is a $7.5 billion money manager with roots almost as old as quant-investing itself, and is going all-in with machine learning. Read More »

How data services sourcing options are changing in financial services

International Banker

Increasing data volumes, user demands, and data sources are driving change towards managed services. Read More »

Google’s latest free tools tap into big data without destroying your privacy


The search giant is sharing its secrets for learning about people without exposing individuals. Read More »

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