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August 2019

Quandl is changing its strategy

Business Insider (subscription)

Tammer Kamel, CEO and founder of Quandl, addresses the changing alt data landscape and how Quandl is staying ahead of the curve. Read More »

Ten years on, Foursquare is now checking into you


With lagging federal regulations, Foursquare has been left to its own devices to handle data correctly. Read More »

Is positive sentiment in corporate annual reports informative?

CLS Blue Sky Blog

Researchers from the University of Alabama applied deep learning to measure corporate reports, looking for predictions into upcoming returns. Read the Blog Post »Read the Full Paper »

Quandl uses algos to predict a company’s future earnings

Waters Technology (subscription)

Waters Technology and our Chief Data Officer, Abraham Thomas, discussed predicting future earnings with the latest alternative data from Quandl. Read More »

Koch Industries seeds new quantitative trading firm

The Wall Street Journal (subscription)

Koch Industries has helped seed and launch a new quantitative fund, Keebeck Alpha, based in Stamford Connecticut. Read More »

The spy in your wallet: Credit cards have a privacy problem

The Washington Post

The Washington Post conducts a privacy experiment to see how much data a single credit card purchase generates. Read More »

Goldman plans hiring spree in trading (only coders need apply)


Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s trading division is planning its biggest hiring spree in years. The catch? The entire effort is focused on coders, a sign of where Wall Street is headed. Read More »

The battle of data scientists vs the quants

Investment Magazine

Investment Magazine points out a marked change to the previous wave of quantitative sciences that began in the 1980s, showing signs of what’s to come. Read More »

Investment robots are listening to CEOs and reading your Twitter feed


With funds facing a deluge of data, Bloomberg highlights the host of ways alternative data is enhancing industry strategies. Read More »

Meet the 8 people with new ideas about data, fees, and tech in the hedge fund space

Business Insider (subscription)

Business Insider sits down with eight people actively shaking things up in the hedge fund space. Read More »

Citadel adds quant research head for convertible arbitrage team


Hedge fund giant Citadel has hired a former managing director at BlackRock to head up quantitative research for its convertible arbitrage team. Read More »

PE and hedge funds are targets of social media sleuthing

Wealth Professional

The use of alternative data to vet companies for inclusion isn’t new. But, a recent survey suggests that investors are diving deeper into the digital profiles of fund managers and their personnel. Read More »

Regulators continue to focus on the use of alternative data

Jenner & Block

With the recent CFPB report on the use of alternative data in Upstart’s lending decisions, regulator and legislator focus on the alternative data space continues to mount. Read More »

Six charts that explain the state of markets

The Economist (subscription)

In light of the recent bond inversion, The Economist has crafted a set of charts that help visualize surrounding market data. Read More »

Mispriced innovation – patents as a leading indicator of earnings growth

O’Shaughnessy Asset Management

Patents inherently demonstrate the creator’s perception of value in their innovations. With this in mind, patent filings can be considered indicators of future earnings and growth. Read More  Read the Full PDF

Katherine Glass-Hardenbergh: All about alternative data

Flirting with Models (Podcast)

In this episode of Flirting with Models, Corey Hoffstein discusses a wide range of alternative data topics with his guest, Katherine Glass-Hardenbergh. What it is, where it comes from, and interesting applications within the investment industry. Listen to the Full Episode Here

The man to know if you want a data science job at Point72      


Pulling back the curtain, efinancialcareers reveals who acts as the gatekeeper for data science roles at Point72. Read More

Supply chain relationship exposure scores       

Yahoo Finance (Joanna Kong)

Yahoo Finance Premium has partnered with Nasdaq and Yewno to integrate supply chain relationship exposure scores. Read More

Overbond to launch three AI analytics labs for R&D in bond pricing


Overbond’s R&D Labs will source one of the deepest vertical data stacks in the world for fixed income capital markets AI modeling, including traditional and alternative datasets. Read More

USDA acreage debate pushes U.S. farmers, grain traders on data hunt

Financial Post

Following severe weather in the midwest this spring, U.S. farmers and grain traders are turning to drone video data to analyze salvageable acreage. Read More

The machines are coming for your pricing models

JP Morgan quants found that ‘deep hedging’ strategies developed by a machine outperformed existing strategies based on classical models. Is this the beginning of the end of the Black-Scholes era? Read More »

“Cultivated data” is the next gold rush


Tech companies are finally understanding what it means for data to be an asset; corpuses are giving rise to a new class of data aggregators.  Read More »

India accused of overstating its growth statistics

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

India’s reports of 7% GDP growth have been overstated, according to a former adviser to the country’s prime minister. Arvind Subramanian used alternative data from vehicle sales and electricity consumption and found the growth rate hovers more realistically around 4.5%. Read More » Full Paper » 

Zillow makes nearly half its money from flipping homes


The company has bought thousands of homes in 15 markets, invested in minor repairs, and sold them to the tune of $250M in total revenue. We see a new dataset coming! Read More »

Visualizing 10 years of the stock market


An “eye-opening” chart that shows the stock market is actually pretty consistent. View the graphic »

LSE agrees to buy Refinitiv for US $27b

Multiple publications

You’ll know about this one unless you’ve been unplugged for the last week. Here is a roundup key coverage and analysis: Financial TimesThe EconomistBloombergCNNThe Globe and Mail

The magic of TwoSigma

Institutional Investor

The storied rise of one of the most successful quant shops ever, as told by Paul Tudor Jones and Tom Hill. Read More »

De-anonymization is easier than it looks

MIT Technology Review

Apparently now machine learning can be used to undo any attempts at obfuscation of personal data. Read More »Full Paper » 

Importing human intuition into quant trading

Financial Times (subscription)

After seeing an erosion in its long-standing alpha capture strategy, GSA reversed the trend and added humans to the mix.  Read More »

Why Big Tech keeps shrugging off bad news


Facebook, Google, and Amazon are under unprecedented regulatory scrutiny. But the market doesn’t seem to care. Read More »

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