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December 2019

Using ECI to unwrap alpha in 2020


Gear up for 2020 with early insights into three stars that emerged during Black Friday 2019, all from Quandl’s E-Commerce Intelligence data product. Read More

One Nation, Tracked: Twelve million phones’ GPS data

New York Times ($)

Dig into the lengthy NYT piece that investigates the smartphone tracking industry to a jarring depth. Read More

Why Excel is outdated if you work in finance


Generating alpha and market-making today involves terabyte-level thinking. Not megabyte. Read More

Here’s who Ray Dalio looks up to


Get insider information on who the founder of the most profitable hedge fund (with over $150B AUM) looks up to. Read More

Model beats Wall Street in forecasts

MIT News

With the help of alternative data, this automated system predicts a company’s quarterly sales. Explore how it works… Read More

Nasdaq on the hunt for Asia’s data

DigFin Group

See how niche players can co-exist with big fish as alternative data progresses towards becoming a $5B industry. Read More

Is it the value hedge fund comeback?

Financial News London

Appraise the Buffet style of value investing as quantamental rears its head once more. Read More

Advent 2019: Integrating Quandl data with Python

Quandl & Anvil

In the holiday spirit, Anvil built a web application on top of Quandl’s API in less than an hour. See how their platform empowers users to rapidly build and deploy Python web apps. Read More

Quantamental investing’s inevitable future


How will you find success as fundamental and quant worlds collide? Forbes has outlined an ideal path. Read More

What hedge funds need to know about the CCPA


The California Consumer Privacy Act takes effect on January 1, 2020. Here’s what you need to know about how it impacts hedge funds. Read More

Prominent quant funds building credit teams

Business Insider ($)

With progress in the use of alt data in underwriting, some of the biggest quant funds are pumping money into their credit teams. Here’s why…  Read More

Systematic or discretionary? The lines are blurring

Waters Technology ($)

See how technology and the ability to analyze data – with both human and computer intelligence – will differentiate the field of investing in the near future. Read More

Quantopian prepares for user-licensed algos


Quantopian is making preparations to allow users to license their algorithms to third parties. This is how they’re rolling it out. Read More

Algo clouds, printing food, and body microscopes

Data Driven Investor

2019 is nearly at its end. Explore DDI’s list of trends likely to disrupt the data-driven world as we enter 2020. Read More

Diddy and Dalio: a mentor’s conversation

YouTube – Ray Dalio

Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio sits down with Diddy to share the insights underlying some of the prominent points within “Principles”. Watch Here

The miseducation of alternative data

WatersTechnology ($)

Avoid feeling like alt data isn’t returning value. Here are some of the factors that let you truly benefit from your datasets. Read Now »

Will alt data blow up in 2020?

Business Insider ($)

Alt data is on the brink of another evolution. See how you can refine your process and avoid taking an unnecessary gamble. Read Now »

What machine learning will mean for asset managers

Harvard Business Review

Will ML integration only benefit early adopters? Get HBR’s take on how the “saviour of active investing” will shake out. Read Now »

Financial data: currency of the modern economy


Build your understanding of future models with a hypothesis that data will become consumer currency in the coming years. Read Now »

AI-derived ESG signals enhance returns

ETF Stream

See if ESG is worth your time with a breakdown of a recent study showing ESG’s strong potential for alpha generation across global markets. Read Now »

Paper: Social media frequency and consumer confidence


Grasp how social media data frequency may affect forecasts of consumer confidence measures in the NBER’s recent paper. Read Now »

Quandl’s own in Forbes Finance’s 30 under 30


Join us in congratulating our very own Bill Dague amongst the other recipients of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 award in finance. View List »

Quants are asking: Is something broken?


2019 has seen quant clients worrying about an outflow in factors. See how some firms are revamping their strategies to weather the storm. Read Now »

Amazon launches quantum computing service


There’s been a lot of noise about quantum in the data-driven world. Filter it down to key players with details on Amazon’s new computing service, Braket. Read Now »

The California DMV sells your data for $50M/year


Has the DMV sold your data without your knowledge? See how California and other states are sending mixed signals on how they value data privacy. Read Now »

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