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November 2019

Black Friday Surprise

Quandl Blog

Spot the online sales trends driving some of Black Friday’s biggest brands using Quandl’s E-Commerce Intelligence dataset. Read the Blog Post

Congress considers reining in alt data

Markets Media

Citing the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, find out how Congress plans to integrate consumer protection with alt data in the coming years. Read More

Academic wrecking ball swings at hedge funds

Bloomberg ($)

Explore the impact of a new paper, “When Equity Factors Drop Their Shorts”, and see how it places short positions in the crosshairs. Read More Read the Full Paper

Quandl unveils new E-Commerce Intelligence dataset

Multiple Sources

We’ve announced our newest dataset, E-Commerce Intelligence, empowering investors to monitor product-level sales on a near real-time basis. Hedgeweek »Waters Tech »Business Wire

How ML is changing how we invest

Financial Advisor

Join Bristol Gate’s Richard Hamm to see how machine learning will contribute to an estimated $1 trillion impact across finance. Read More

Quant fund managers need a bodyguard


See which hedge fund is searching for a bodyguard, despite a fun and autonomous ethos. Read More

E-tailers taking mall space as merchants dwindle

New York Post

Untangle the death of the American mall by looking at how e-tailers are approaching brick-and-mortar locations as traditional mall merchants recede. Read More

Investment management still a boy’s club

Bloomberg ($)

View new research from Goldman Sachs that illuminates the perennial challenge within the investment management space. Read More

QDC 2020’s agenda is here


Grab the event announcement from Quandl’s CMO Carrie Shaw and dive into the exciting talks fueling data-driven investing’s biggest day. Read the post and explore the agenda

Ghost ships, crop circles, and soft gold

MIT Technology Review

Unveil the mystery plaguing Shanghai’s ports and potentially tainting alternative data sources. Read More

Quants’ golden age in fundamentals

Investment Magazine

Discuss data playgrounds, decades of experience, and quant hubris with Gideon Smith in the latest episode of The Curious Quant podcast. Listen Here

The truth about data science salaries in hedge funds


Debunk the myth of the newly minted data science PhD making 7 figures at a hedge fund. Here are the numbers that are closer to reality. Read More

The Medallion Fund’s 10 biggest holdings

Business Insider ($)

Peer inside the top 10 holdings fueling RenTech’s uber-successful Medallion Fund. Read More »

A case for qualitative research

Financial Times

Step through the importance of qualitative research and consider the implications for the quantamental investor. Read More

Big tech wants your data, not your money

The Economist ($)

Mind your data as big tech enters the financial industry amidst a regulatory torrent. Read More

Two Sigma breaks into private equity

Institutional Investor

Two Sigma’s newest efforts don’t stop with their risk analysis tool. See how the quant fund is breaking into private equity too… Read More

The data wizards’ new hedge fund

Bloomberg ($)

Peer into the new fund, Kvasir Technologies Ltd., embracing disruptive tech such as AI and ML to take on the financial pros. Read More »

5 ways ESG creates value

McKinsey & Co.

Join McKinsey & Co. for an in-depth look at five levers across bottom and top lines that link ESG to value creation. Read More »

Two Sigma’s new risk analysis tool

Business Insider ($)

Tap into Two Sigma’s data expertise with their newly released risk analysis tool, Venn. Read More »

Hedge funds in positive territory


Grab Hedgeweek’s latest report on the hedge fund industry, which points at a good start to the fourth quarter extending industry-wide YTD gains. Read More »

How big investors cash in on alternative data

Bloomberg ($)

Get Bloomberg’s latest take on how the investment industry continues to adopt alternative data at a steady clip. Read More »

Cultivating diversity with Bridgewater

Institutional Investor

Explore how Bridgewater continuously strives to improve diversity and representation, with added tactics for less resource-heavy firms. Read More »

Debunking 5 sustainable investing myths

Visual Capitalist

Flip through the infographic as Visual Capitalist debunks 5 common myths prevalent within the ESG and sustainable investing space. View Here »

Yes, you have a secret consumer score

New York Times

Find out what the data consists of, how it’s used, and what it means for consumer privacy. NYT includes a list of providers and how to request a copy of your data. Read More »

Gregory Zuckerman on the quant revolution

Bloomberg (Audio)

Listen as Zuckerman discusses big trades, big firms, and the big personality driving his newest book, “The Man Who Solved the Market”. Listen Here »

Are quant funds becoming utilities?


Citing “a certain irreducible size”, Cantab’s CIO Ewan Kirk provokes the thought of quant funds facing the challenges of natural monopoly. Read More »

Quant doubts about a robot future

Bloomberg (subscription)

Hire a quant while you wait for AI. While artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the future, read the latest quips as to why the wait continues. Read More »

Disrupting the secretive world of quants

Investment Magazine (Audio)

Tune in for a conversation between Investment Magazine and Quantopian’s John Fawcett discussing the “secretive nature” of quants and quant funds. Listen Here »

Ethical pressures boost ESG funds

Financial Times (subscription)

Follow the smart beta strategies employed using ESG data, despite a small total AUM within funds. Read More »

Beware hedge funds hiring from resumes


Your resume may be doing you a disservice. See how quant firms are prioritizing assessments over resumes to filter talent from a wider pool. Read More »

5 old trading docs you might enjoy

Tracy Alloway

Dig into a cache of old trading videos and documentaries, compiled by Tracy Alloway after a trip down the rabbit hole. Watch Here »

How Jim Simons built the best hedge fund ever


Delve into a first look at a new book detailing Jim Simons’ rise to Wall Street and ultimate creation of Renaissance Technology. Read More »

Want to dominate finance? Learn Python

The Globe and Mail

See why BlackRock’s Mark Wiseman considers coding the most important skill for young and upcoming investment managers. Read More »

Visualizing quantamental investing

Visual Capitalist

Visually compare and contrast the worlds of quantitative and fundamental investing in the Visual Capitalist’s latest infographic. View Here » 

5 privacy-centric facts about alt data

Tech Republic

Tackle privacy concerns head on with Tech Republic’s five reasons why alt data is a bastion for consumer privacy. Read More »

Empowering Wall Street’s cloud migration

Business Insider

Explore how exchanges may prove a key factor in accelerating Wall Street’s looming data migration. Read More »

Twilight of the stock pickers

The Wall Street Journal

Track the history of the hedge fund over the past 30 years to see how the changing financial landscape is challenging some of the best in the industry. Read More »

CircleUp hires from AQR for quant investing

Institutional Investor

Follow Ark Shi in his recent move from AQR to CircleUp, poised to tackle quantitative investing in private equity. Read More »

Alt data in action: Amazon’s robot holiday swarm


Skim the report on how robots may be seizing an even larger share of Amazon’s workforce going into the 2019 holiday season. Read More »

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