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October 2019

Building the Warren Buffett algorithm

Business Insider

Peer behind the curtain at how a London-based quant team is training their algorithms to invest like Warren Buffett. Read More »

Quant trades are misfiring: time to adapt and apply


Inform your models with a window into what happens (and how to correct course) when systematic investment strategies misfire. Read More »

Cyber attack hits prominent hedge fund

Institutional Investor

Exercise caution when receiving unrecognized or unprompted communications. Get the details of the recent attack on Arena Investors and two nonprofits. Read More »

Quants’ salaries at Renaissance Technologies


Catch a glimpse of how much quants make at the notoriously generous Renaissance Technology. Read More »

Google confirms ‘quantum supremacy’

The Washington Post

Ride the qubits into the quantum age with an eye-opening report of what Google’s milestone achievement means for the world of computing. Read More »

Alternative data drives S&P’s global growth


See how S&P is using their access to alternative data to position themselves for future growth. Read More »

Why financial research needs an AI-led revamp

Citywire Selector

Take stock of the status quo in financial research, peering into how data science and AI stand to help pull the field into modern times. Read More »

2019’s rising stars of Wall Street

Business Insider (subscription)

Meet the next crop of leaders across Wall Street, spanning quant funds, alt data providers and beyond. Read More »

Your salary at Bridgewater Associates


Functioning on a culture of ‘radical truth and radical transparency’, take a look at the salaries earned by the ranks of Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater team. Read More »

Blackstone talks stake with Citadel

The Wall Street Journal

Blackstone Group has held talks to buy a stake in Ken Griffin’s Citadel LLC – Get the latest on a deal that would unite two of the biggest names in investing. Read More »

Alt data’s midlife crisis

Waters Technology (subscription)

With maturity comes growing pains; a reality that the world of alt data has recently been reminded of. See how the industry plans to grow into its shoes. Read More »

Revealing alpha in web data


Looking for alternative uses for alternative data? Nanalyze expands on various ways scraped web data can be leveraged. Read More »

Man hire highlights hedge fund moves to hone data, AI roles


Recap recent industry movement that highlights the need for hedge funds to live on the cutting edge when processing new information sets. Read More »

Tanking performance doesn’t deter crypto hedging

Business Insider (subscription)

See why hedge funds continue pumping money into crypto despite lackluster performance. Read More »

Alpha versus privacy: A lunch order hypothetical

Data Driven Investor

A hypothetical scenario of buying lunch order data addresses the all-too-real concern of privacy versus alpha in Data Driven Investor’s recent post. Read More »

How does UBS’s Quantitative Evidence & Data Science team function?


Led by Bryan Cross, the asset manager’s QED team aims to blend quant and fundamental techniques to find unique solutions to new problems. Read More »

The world’s top quant to Wall Street: “You’re (mostly) doing it wrong”

Bloomberg (subscription)

Marcos Lopez de Prado literally wrote the book on applying tech to finance. Now, he’s delivering a reality check to Wall Street’s active managers. Read More »

The SEC is hiring a Chief Data Officer

Business Insider (subscription)

Wall Street’s top rule maker is bringing on someone to help oversee a wide berth of data-related responsibilities. Read More »

An update on the Volfefe index’s performance

US News & World Report

Following JP Morgan’s “Volfefe” index, several financial institutions have asked: How do Trump’s tweets affect market performance? Read More »

Man GLG bumps up alt data use with newest teammate

Citywire Selector

Man GLG has hired Paul Chambers as Head of Quantitative Investment & Research as the UK group seeks to step up its use of alternative data. Read More »

Removing human bias from predictive modeling

Wharton (UPenn)

Wharton’s James Johndrow discusses his research on removing human bias from predictive modeling. Read and Listen Here »

Beware ESG greenwashing amongst institutions

Institutional Investor

New data from SquareWell Partners indicates that firms’ ESG agreements may not have their intended impact on investing. Read More »

Satellites used to track oil’s unpredictability


In the wake of recent attacks on crude processing facilities, alternative data provided by satellites lends essential insights into inventories. Read More »

How much is your privacy really worth?


Putting a price on privacy involves pulling from several hard-to-quantify sources, not to mention antiquated laws. Should we stop trying? Read More »

Two battlefronts that define quant’s future leaders

Citywire Selector

The fight for superior information processes and the battle for innovation in security modelling and portfolio construction will underpin future leaders’ success. Read More »

What runs the stock market? Computers, algorithms, and passive managers

The Economist (subscription)

Far gone are the days on Wall Street of gaining information advantages from newspaper, television, and ticker tape. Read More »

Vanguard pushes into FX using blockchain

Bloomberg (subscription)

Vanguard is testing a new way for asset managers to trade currencies and avoid big investment banks, using blockchain technology developed for application in capital markets. Read More »

How alternative data is changing investing

Payments Innovation (podcast)

The Payments Innovation Podcast sits down with Quandl’s Bill Dague to discuss how the changing data science field is generating unexpected benefits. Listen to the Podcast »

The future of data privacy starts in California


What happens when Californians can sue for data breaches? In the race to compliance, the golden state’s new policy could have national ramifications. Read More »

AI disruption stands to outpace Wall Street’s adoption

Business Insider (subscription)

Many Wall Street firms plan to integrate AI down the road, however the accelerating adoption curve may leave some in the dust. Read More »

Quant hedge funds crimp pay as data costs rise

eFinancial Careers

Funds’ growth necessitates further investment in data and infrastructure, ultimately dialing back the firm’s bottom line. Read More »

More drones, more data: unmanned deliveries set to increase

Bloomberg (subscription)

UPS has won a certification to fly drones under regulations similar to airlines, marking a likely increase in drone activity moving forward. Read More »

How to respond to climate change if you are an algorithm

The Economist

Produced entirely by a natural-language processing algorithm, these essays are literally an AI’s response to questions surrounding climate change. Read More »

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