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April 2018

New from Quandl: data to empower M&A strategies


Quandl’s Corporate Aviation Intelligence (CAI) dataset was mission-built to provide a unified view of corporate air travel on a global scale. Enable your inner detective and use this product to confirm M&A activity and other corporate events. Read More

WorldQuant to launch its first fund open to outside investors

Financial Times (Subscription)

The quantitative investment firm expects to raise more than $1 billion over the next few months for a fund that will invest in global stock markets and aim to outperform its benchmark by 3 to 6 percentage points annually. Read More

Vilas thinks Tesla’s reckoning is imminent

Business Insider

Tesla now comprises about 98% of the hedge fund’s short book. One rationale for their bearish position: Profit margins are far higher on bigger, more expensive cars. Therefore, the faster Tesla makes Model 3s, the more money they will lose. Read More

Quandl’s Clayton Feick talks alternative data

The Fintech Impact Podcast

Quandl VP of Sales & Business Development discusses the data economy and the future of alternative data with Jason Pereira. Read More

Putting the ‘hedge’ back in ‘hedge fund’

Bloomberg View

Matt Levine opines that when investing in a hedge fund today, conservatism is wiser than betting on a superstar hedge-fund manager. Read More

Deutsche Bank launches α-DIG tool

Asset Servicing Times

Deutsche Bank has launched α-DIG, a web tool that uses NLP to quantify the materiality of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues as well as brand value, culture, innovation and management quality. Read More

Square primed to be a data company


Square has some of the most valuable data in the world: They know how people use their money. Building out consumer and merchant profiles and matching them with each other could help Square create a new and very lucrative revenue stream. Read More

‘The Efficiency Paradox’ Review: Big Data, Big Problems

The Wall Street Journal (Subscription)

Edward Tenner’s book posits that though technology is making our lives ever more convenient, it also may be having the unintended effect of lowering our skill set. Read More

Doubtful of China’s economic numbers? Alternative data can help


The Chinese government is notorious for doctoring its official statistics. As a result, China’s data releases are often greeted with skepticism by economists. Quartz unveils several datasets — including Quandl’s own iron ore data feed — that provide a clearer picture. Read More

Amazon wins patent for data feed marketplace that could include bitcoin transactions


Amazon’s filing for a patent that can correlate different data streams and sell the combined feed as a subscription was approved this week. The filing referenced bitcoin transactions twice as possible applications. Read More

How are the tectonic plates of active management shifting in 2018?


The alternative funds industry continues to move in response to market trends, technology innovation, continuing regulation and the ever-shifting whims and desires of institutional investors. Read More

Race is on to grab most alpha from machine learning

Pensions & Investments

But only a handful of money managers are using machine learning meaningfully in portfolio construction. This article provides insight and use cases on how to leverage the power of AI. Read More

BlackRock is hiring — and paying better too


Employee compensation at BlackRock increased by roughly $100 million during the first quarter of 2018. The fund manager paid out more than $1.12 billion to employees during Q1, buoyed by a 16% uptick in year-over-year revenue. Read More

Two Sigma hires Google scientist for AI expansion

Bloomberg Markets

In the talent war between financial firms and Silicon Valley, Two Sigma has hired a hard-to-find AI expert with years of experience. The $52 billion quantitative hedge fund hired Mike Schuster, who worked on the Google Brain team, to expand their AI capabilities. Read More

Point72 Ventures backs new trading site that combats high-speed traders


The private equity arm of Steven Cohen’s firm invested an undisclosed amount of money in Imperative Execution, which is building a so-called dark pool where orders to buy and sell stocks are protected from traders hunting down bids and offers. Read More

Broad adoption of AI and alternative data will mean better beta for all investors

Pensions & Investments

AI and alternative data will soon no longer provide an edge for the investment community — with widespread adoption, they will quickly become table stakes. Read More

Can humans understand how robots invest?

Bloomberg Businessweek

Any AI system is likely to make investment decisions that look puzzling since it does not operate according to logical rules. The trick is how to explain what’s inside the box. Read More

Language parsing to bypass bias in sell-side reports


Closely parsing the language changes in equity research reports – particularly those coming from a single analyst – with AI and NLP offers investors a glimpse into what an analyst truly thinks about a company’s future. Read More

Alternative data and its role in the data economy


Mark Ainsworth and Ben Wicks pen this overview of the data economy, with a focus on alternative data use cases that includes the recent merger of UK gaming groups Ladbrokes and Coral. Read More

The changing face of talent at hedge funds


Technology continues to be a major driver of change within the hedge fund industry, with a marked effect on hiring practices. This article lays out the dos and don’ts of recruitment. Read More

Data scientists need a hippocratic oath with teeth


More in the wake of the Facebook scandal: a long-form read from Wired on the need for an ethical code that will imbue data scientists with a moral conscience. Read More

This NYC start-up uses alt data to predict geopolitical events


Predata monitors digital conversations across open source social and collaborative media, providing signals and alerts on upcoming geopolitical volatility. Read More

FactSet expands its data offering with launch of data marketplace

Zacks Investment Research

FactSet has launched Open:FactSet Marketplace, a new online platform that offers both financial and alternative data. Read More

Interested in quantamental investing? Hire data engineers


Data engineers create the foundations on which good analysis is based. Having solid data infrastructure in place allows data scientists to spend more time using their specialized skills in statistics and machine learning. Read More

“We run ads”

The Wall Street Journal (Subscription)

Mr. Zuckerberg’s hourslong congressional testimony had tech workers cringing at his interrogators, worried that their understanding of the internet could result in meaningless regulation. Read More

The next cold war is all about data


On one side: people who believe that individuals have an absolute right to control their personal data. On the other: those that believe personal data is a good to be traded on the open market. Read More

GM to switch to quarterly sales reporting

Wall Street Journal (Subscription)

The automaker says 30 days isn’t long enough to separate real trends from short-term fluctuations caused by weather, new product launches or other factors. Read More

Merger funds missing out on M&A boom

Wall Street Journal (Subscription)

Mounting fears of a trade war and unpredictable politics could risk making arbitrage strategies more challenging. Read More

Point72 Ventures is funding a start-up that wants to power free stock trading

Business Insider

DriveWealth, a company building technology to bring the cost of investing to zero, has landed $21 million in an investment round led by four investors that include the venture unit of Steve Cohen’s Point72. Read More

Are Data Protection Officers a must in the post-GDPR world?


A simple litmus test that helps institutional investors determine whether they need a DPO once GDPR comes into effect. Read More

AI has spawned the next generation of fund managers

Pensions & Investments

Managers who specialize in autonomous learning investment strategies (ALIS) aren’t just smaller and leaner versions of established firms; they are investing in a different way. Read More

You’re a more predictable chessplayer than you think

Data is Beautiful

36,000 games of chess, played at the same time, with move probability shown as opacity. Read More

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