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February 2018

BlackRock doubling down on artificial intelligence

Financial Times (subscription)

The world’s biggest investment group is establishing a “BlackRock Lab for Artificial Intelligence” in Palo Alto, California. Read More

Can’t wait a month for inflation data?

The Wall Street Journal (Subscription)

PriceStats, based on MIT’s Billion Prices Project, offers a daily indicator of US consumer prices. Read More

Alternative data vs. official Chinese data

Asia Times

Private data predicts economic slowdown in China despite solid GDP growth, contradicting official numbers. Read More

Top 10 machine learning projects

Mybridge for Professionals

Among the top open source machine learning projects: object detection, alternatives to Bayesian optimization and deep neuroevolution. Read More

Machine learning patents grew at 24% CAGR


Forbes puts together a list of takeaways from machine learning market forecasts, market estimates and projections. Read More

Risky AI business


The legal world grapples with issues that include who is at fault when a machine comes to the wrong conclusion. Read More

Otonomo announces $3 million in funding from NTT Docomo

Bloomberg Technology

Israeli-based Otonomo ramps up their automotive dataset, which now includes data from over two million cars. Read More

“Shut up, Toby”: The Office characters, ranked by number of words spoken


This made us wonder whether word counts matter on earnings calls 🙂 Read More

Data could be the holy grail for oil and gas

Financial Times (Subscription)

Only 5% of the exhaust data collected by the oil and gas industry is being used for analysis. That is about to change. Read More

Quandl makes Fintech 50 for 2018


We are in good company on this year’s Forbes Fintech 50 list. Read More

Commodity hedge funds shutter as computers dominate


Extreme volatility caused by non-traditional investors and algorithmic trading has made it difficult to hold onto long-term positions. Read More

How to improve market returns using alternative data

See It Market

See It Market uses Commitment of Traders data to augment a simple RSI strategy. Read More

WEBINAR: Unlocking the value of FX transaction data | 03/06 at 12pm ET


Quandl’s CDO Abraham Thomas discusses FX spot volume data and comprehensive market visibility. Register Now »

Everything you wanted to know about cryptocurrency but were afraid to ask


a16z has put together a collection of no-nonsense guides on all things cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, blockchain and Ethereum. Read More

Google’s TPU machine learning accelerators now available for rent

Google Cloud Platform Blog

These Tensor Processing Units run certain machine learning workloads 15 to 30 times faster than off-the-shelf silicon. Read More

Dog days are not over in New York

The New York Times

To understand New York real estate, follow the latest alt data trend: Doggy demographics. Read More

Predicting which bills will pass Congress

The Washington Post

Billions of dollars in spending and revenue depend on whether or not certain bills pass through Congress. Quandl partner FiscalNote scrapes government websites to predict successful passage. Read More

Twitter reduces barriers to entry for sentiment data

The Next Web

Twitter just launched a new API endpoint that allows developers to parse every Tweet currently on the social networking site. Read More

Twitter turns first profit ever


In other Twitter news: If you were worried about the social network’s viability as a data source, you’ll be glad to know it just turned its first profit. Read More

Blackstone sees data as future


After agreeing to buy a majority stake in Thomson Reuters Corp’s F&R division, Blackstone announces data as the future of TR — and not the terminal. Read More

Balyasny AM’s Antenna is here

WatersTechnology (subscription)

BAM releases Antenna, a service for analyzing third-party alternative datasets faster than traditional evaluations, to determine whether they can deliver better returns. Read More

MiFID II opens the door for more alternative data


A comprehensive assessment of the current state of MiFID II regulations and their implications. Read More

Sentieo’s socially based predictions


With earnings season in full force, Sentieo makes their predictions about TWTR, SKX, SODA and GRUB. Read More

Blockchain to clean up mineral supply chains

The New York Times

Blockchain is being used for the first time to track cobalt’s journey from mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo through to products used in smartphones and electric cars. Read More

Approaching a real-time map of the economy

Financial Times (subscription)

A thought-provoking piece from Robin Wigglesworth about the impact of alternative data on the world. Read More

Blackstone enters data fray with Thomson Reuters deal

The Globe and Mail

Thomson Reuters partners with Blackstone Group in a $17-billion joint venture to accelerate growth in its core financial data business. Read More

Andrew Ng officially launches his $175M AI fund


The machine-learning prodigy who co-founded Coursera and spearheaded Google Brain’s deep-learning project has no trouble raising money for his new AI fund. Read More

Asset management’s fight for alternative data analysts heats up

Financial Times (subscription)

Investment managers have more than quadrupled their employment of alternative data analysts, creating a talent war for the ages. Read More

More legal considerations for alternative data


Integrity Research publishes “legal risks with alternative data” and MarketBrains says SEC has successfully prosecuted a case involving alternative data (albeit one that involved a clear breach of fiduciary duty). Read More

Sotheby’s buys ML start-up Thread Genius

Bloomberg Quint

AI’s most unlikely frontier: figuring out what makes good art. Sotheby’s gets in the game. Read More

Alt data signals the end of traffic surveys


Traffic problems solved in Napa County by analyzing congestion with location, smartphone and app data. Read More

New techniques for remote imaging of landscapes


Open-source datasets, analysis tools and powerful computers now allow scientists to combine different sources of satellite-based data for vegetation health. Read More

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