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January 2018

Schroders is all in with alternative data

Markets Media

Schroders, with 27 data scientists at the helm, is at the front of the pack in terms of alternative data adoption for the fundamental set. Read More

Winton casts doubt on hedge fund industry


It turns out the difference between hedge funds and the wider investment management industry isn’t quite so clear. Read More

Attempting to curtail alt data compliance risks


We’re still breaking this one down but it appears as though Integrity Research is forming a group of alt data providers and users to govern compliance and legal risks. Read More

AI helps RBC uncover Chipotle’s ‘Worst Queso Scenario’


Most large banks are at least piloting AI in equity research but with varying degrees of commercial success. RBC stands out. Read More

Bird.i aggregates satellite images, shares revenue

Business Insider UK

Another satellite imagery start-up joins the game — this one differentiating itself with a new revenue model. Read More

Leveraging the data economy for public policy

Harvard Business Review

A report from HBR and Facebook discusses how public and private organizations can use data to join forces and solve some of our most intractable policy dilemmas. Read More

Office real estate could affect how you feel about Bitcoin


Behavioral psychologists have found a link between earnings volatility and — yes — the view from your office. We do not kid. Read More

Do alpha males deliver alpha?


And a final unlikely correlation: This abstract claims you should hire your PMs based on the width to height ratio of their faces. Read More

Quant growth continues, unabated

Financial Times (subscription)

The quantitative hedge fund industry reaches $1 trillion AUM, on the heels of growing interest in systematic strategies. Read More

Putting alternative data to work

Nasdaq TradeTalks [Video]

It’s a classic chicken or egg question: Which came first, the data or the strategy? Greenwich’s Kevin McPartland weighs in. Read More

BNPP AM’s use of the term ‘quantamental’ brings it back into focus


Is quantamental investing just fundamental analysis plus consistency? Jai Jacob, managing director and portfolio manager at Lazard, thinks so. Read More

Not your average family business


Open data is lowering the barrier to entry into the quant world — just ask two-person fund Springtech Capital. Read More

A marketplace for healthcare data?

Fast Company

Healthcare data is currently being brokered to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars without our knowledge. CoverUS wants to change that. Read More

Asia’s alternative path to AI adoption

Bloomberg Professional Services

A look at Asia’s interest in and development of AI for investing, seen through an alternative data lens. Read More

Oil has nowhere to hide anymore

Business Insider

These satellite images taken by tech start-up Bird.i suggest that Saudi Arabia’s largest refineries might have underreported its oil stores in the first half of 2017. Read More

Market structure trends for 2018

Greenwich Associates

Kevin McPartland predicts market structure trends for 2018, covering everything from Trump to MiFID II. Read More

Top hedge fund trends for 2018

Markets Media

Another “top trends for 2018” article. This time, we look at the alpha arms race, including winning and losing hedge fund strategies. Read More

Stuck in “Production Hell”


Manufacturing bottlenecks continue to plague Tesla’s Model 3. Our latest blog post shows how we predicted this shortfall weeks in advance. Read More

Hedge fund industry assets to grow 5.5% says Agecroft Partners


Despite the apparent shift to passive investing, total global hedge fund AUM is expected to reach a high for the tenth year in a row. Read More

How high-frequency trading hit a speed bump

Financial Times (subscription)

HFT players band together to create Go West, a high-speed, global market data network. Read More

ADC 18 is right around the corner


If you were waiting until 2018 to buy your tickets, we’re here to remind you that the conference is just two weeks away! Read More

The case for fraudulent data scientists

The Next Web

TNW interviews an anonymous but apparently “real” data scientist with contrarian views on data science, machine learning and AI. Read More

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