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September 2017

Man Group’s successful foray into AI


While none of his engineers could explain why Man Group’s AI was working, it was, and so CEO Luke Ellis took a risk. Read More

Welcome to Quant 3.0 [Podcast]

Bloomberg View

A conversation with Credit Suisse’s Matthew Rothman on the quant era that has arisen out of a fully digitized world. Read More

Buffett’s hedge fund bet was a virtual sure thing

Bloomberg View

Warren Buffett bet Ted Seides that the S&P 500 index would outperform the latter’s fund of funds over 10 years. Buffett won but the victory was hollow. Read More

Learning effects, network effects and runaway leaders


Learning effects are to ML as network effects were to the internet revolution. TechCrunch gives a good primer on how they work. Read More

CLS sharpens market focus with launches in three business lines


CLS rebrands itself as a provider of a broad range of post-trade risk management products. (N.B., their real-time currency data is available via Quandl.) Read More

Equifax CEO ‘retires’


A couple weeks after a massive breach, the CEO of Equifax calls it quits in what is quickly becoming a cautionary tale for the data economy. Read More

State Street unveils ML-based quant solution


Boston-based State Street is launching a new service called Quantextual Idea Lab, which uses ML algorithms to simplify investment research. Read More

S&P Global Market Intelligence launches Xpressfeed™

Business Insider

Amid the buzzwords, S&P announces a new data product comprised of the world’s largest collection of corporate transcripts delivered in machine-readable format. Read More

The mainstreaming of alternative data


Quant hedge funds are buying as much data as they can, according to this alt data piece from Quartz. Read More

Now Apple needs to reinvent the digital economy

Financial Times

Ten years after the first iPhone, we have a data dilemma on our hands. While the EU is committed to putting consumer privacy first, this article calls on Apple for help. Read More

Human perception and fleeting data


A responsible view of the inevitability of alternative data alongside good old-fashioned human critical thinking. Read More

Family offices and alternative data


Neudata CEO Rado Lipuš talks about the interest he’s seeing from family offices in alternative data. Read More

Emerging trends in emerging data


Are emerging datasets a luxury or a necessity? This report from Celent offers an answer in what they are calling Market Data 2.0. Read More

SEC reveals it was hacked

Washington Post

The SEC’s EDGAR database was breached, likely for illicit financial gain. Read More

The implications of the Equifax breach

The Economist

The recent Equifax breach raises several security and privacy issues, including the risks associated with big data storage and a company’s ability to curtail cyberattacks. Read More

Dataminr opens office in Dublin

The Irish Times

Social and news analysis company Dataminr opens a Dublin office to meet growing European demand. Read More

Blackrock’s technology imperatives

South China Morning Post

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink explains the three ways he predicts technology transforming his company’s business, including leveraging alternative data created in the last three to five years. Read More

Alt data’s role in passive vs. active investing

Pensions & Investments

Alternative data will likely upend the shift to passive investment strategies by adding more data to portfolio managers’ models and improving performance. Read More

Investors happy with alternative data returns


According to one study, 90% of investors are seeing the returns they expected from alternative data usage. Read More

Alt data boosts profit margins by up to 35%


Quinlan & Associates has just released its latest report on the applications of alternative data in asset management. Read More

Fallout from Equifax breach


The recent Equifax breach could get in the way of the finance industry’s push to relax regulation. Read More

The case for private company data

International Business Times

The use cases for alternative data continue to develop, with buyers now looking to understand private firms and competitors. Read More

Spike in shoppers at Whole Foods following price cuts


Footfall data indicates a 25% increase in visits to Whole Foods following Amazon’s price drop. Email receipt data sheds light on basket size. Read More

The value of alternative data in investment decisions

Digital Journal

Quandl’s Chief Marketing Officer Carrie Shaw explains the value of alternative data and outlines supply challenges. Read More

Nearly half of companies now commercializing data


We’ve teamed up with Forrester to bring you a webinar that will examine data commercialization and best practices for successfully taking data to market. Read More

Alarms sound over hedge funds’ data usage

Financial News

It was bound to happen: Privacy experts are now questioning the ethics of hedge funds using data in their trading strategies. Read More

Orthogonal signals from alternative data

Integrity Research Associates

A thoughtful, actionable piece from Vinesh Jha of Extract Alpha on how best to leverage alternative data. Read More

Text, Twitter and turning quantamental

International Business Times

This article sheds light on the value — or lack thereof — of Twitter and the extensive labor required of sentiment analysts. Read More

The promise of AI in AgTech


A close look at how AI can improve farming, with an eye towards feeding the world. Read More

Economists look to the sky to drive policy


Night lights from satellite imagery help economists understand the economic activity of a given country. Read More

FX traders going ‘quantamental’


A growing number of foreign exchange traders are extolling the virtues of the quantamental approach, noting that pure quant models underperform comparatively. Read More

Computer-selected highlights from US Open

The New York Times

Turns out machines are good at gauging consumer excitement levels. Either that or IBM Watson is a Federer fan. Read More

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