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August 2017

Gold rush in data mining

Financial Times (subscription)

Everyone has been talking about this piece by Robin Wigglesworth, which brings the legality of alternative data into the fore. Read More

Crowding of the quant sector

Financial Times (subscription)

Wigglesworth also ponders whether quant funds are experiencing alpha decay due to rapid inflows. Read More

A survey of ‘quantamental’

Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg reviews the quantamental landscape: the adopters, the performers and the future. Read More

GDPR in the EU favors Google, punishes Facebook


Facebook knows who you are; Google knows what you search for. In Europe, only the former is about to become illegal when it comes to ad-serving. Read More

Satellite provider Spire pushes the pace


Spire Global launches two new products to gather and predict information on 300,000 ships at sea, at any given time. Read More

Descartes Labs raises $30 million in Series B


Investment continues in the geospatial analytics space. March Capital leads Descartes Lab’s raise, with participation from others. Read More

Restaurant industry turns to data mining

New York Times

Restaurants are getting smart with data. Will consumers welcome a more personalized dining experience or reject it over privacy concerns? Read More

Bring your poker face — emotional analytics are here


The next frontier of sentiment data is upon us as apps begin responding to our emotions through voice and facial expressions. Read More

Google knows you’re buying underwear, hedge funds don’t

International Business Times

Quandl CEO Tammer Kamel talks about trending alternative data products and why hedge funds don’t care about personal data. Read More

AccuWeather sharing data from opted-out users


A security expert has found that the popular weather app sends private location data without explicit permission from users. Read More

Maersk’s tanker unit invests in quant hedge fund

Financial Times (subscription)

Maersk takes a significant stake in CargoMetrics, the Paul Tudor Jones-backed quant fund that specializes in shipping data. Read More

The human brain, markets and financial decision making


A fascinating piece on neuroeconomics and the patterns in brain function that make financial decisions more predictable. Read More

Weapons of math destruction


A former hedge fund mathematician explains why she believes algorithms and AI in finance should be held to higher standards. Read More

World’s largest data center to be built in the Arctic


US-Norwegian startup Kolos to build a “fortress for data” on the edge of the Arctic Circle, powered by renewable energy. Read More

Secrets from the deep web

Tech in Asia

The deep web is at least 500 times larger than the surface web. A startup in India is exploring and sharing its secrets with top companies. Read More

Robot takeover postponed

Financial Post

Certain quantitative tactics are suffering as so-called “dumb money” disappears. Read More

Opimas claims 90K jobs to be lost to AI

Financial Times (subscription)

But opinions are still divided. The flip side is that AI will free up time for portfolio managers to focus on more valuable work. Read More

From one alpha to six million


WorldQuant founder Igor Tulchinsky discusses the role of technology in the age of prediction. Read More

Swarm updates bolster data collection


Foursquare continues to evolve the front end of its Swarm platform to collect more salable location data. Read More

Uber’s woes continue with privacy breaches


Uber will be under audit for the next 20 years for failing to protect consumer data fully. Read More

Turning green into green

WatersTechnology (subscription)

Quandl’s Chief Data Officer Abraham Thomas weighs in on how AI is speeding up the already rapid development of ESG investing. Read More

Buddy gets in the alt data game

The Australian Financial Review

Claiming to be the “Fitbit for buildings”, Australia’s Buddy Platform starts selling to hedge funds. Read More

US Courts: Public data scraping legal

The Next Web

The federal court rules that LinkedIn cannot legally prevent bots from scrubbing its platform’s public data. Read More

The sell side’s alternative data


Quantitative investors are knocking on the doors of investment banks for access to their usage data. Read More

Quant quake: 2007 and 2017


Cliff Asness, co-founder of AQR Capital Management, reflects on the 10-year anniversary of the “quant quake”. Read More

Goldman’s quant unit rebuilt


More quant-quake reflection. A decade after the meltdown, quant funds continue their ascension, but the potential of overcrowding looms. Read More

Neudata releases version two of Scout

International Business Times

Data broker Neudata releases an updated version of ‘Scout’, their digital data intelligence platform. Read More

Alt data provider Thasos on the mobile

Institutional Investor

Thasos, a new alternative data platform out of MIT’s Media Lab, is betting that mobile geolocation data will be the next big source of alpha. Read More »

Blockchain, big data and the value of global trade

International Business Times

Data experts discuss the hidden value of blockchain, the distributed ledger technology that is set to bring transparency to the world’s data. Read More

3Q 2017 fintech analyst note


ValueWalk highlights current trends in fintech for asset management, bringing alternative data to the forefront. Read More

Going once, going twice:


The world’s largest industrial auctioneer, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, surprises investors with a 7% post-earnings run-up. Quandl’s alt dataset explains why. Read More »

Hedge funds turn to dark web for an edge

Financial News

Is the dark web fair game? Hedge funds are faced with legal and ethical dilemmas as they consider the dark web as a source of alpha. Read More

Sequencing the data scientist genome


The data scientist is today what the developer was in the 80s and 90s. Elusive, in high demand and critical to capital markets. Read More

A future full of black boxes

Institutional Investor

AI investing will perform better as it matures but its processes will become more complex and opaque to human operators. The question is: Does one outweigh the other? Read More

The economics of quantitative investing

The Market Mogul

It’s simple economics, really: Machines are less expensive than humans, giving quant funds the opportunity to reform fee structures. Read More

Privacy complaint made against Google

The Washington Post

Google hits a snag on its journey to connect online and brick-and-mortar transactions: an FTC investigation. Read More

A primer on the data collected by cars

The New York Times

Your car already collects a ton of information about you — from texts to fuel consumption to driving habits. But who owns all the data and where does it go? Read More

The marriage of AI and satellite data


Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are using satellite imagery to predict the median household income in some neighborhoods. The program might be a bit whimsical but the concept is there. Read More

The devil wears Prada and understands data

The Economist

Fashion forecasting is big business. Firms like Inditex and H&M are betting on data-driven analysis to help predict the next major trends. Read More

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