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June 2017

Bloomberg calls man…


Bloomberg calls man in the man-machine debate: “Models are a great place to begin, but not necessarily a good place to finish. …The analysts, traders and portfolio managers” are still required. Read More

CNBC calls machine…


“Stock-picking has fallen out of style, replaced by quantitative strategies that use numbers and computer algorithms to select stocks”. Read More

And Quartz calls man


“The buzz around quants is so intense that managers may feel pressured to adopt some sort of algorithmic strategy, or risk raising less money,” and that would be a mistake. Can’t we call a tie here? Read More

Alt data start-up Qineqt said to shut down

Institutional Investor

Early alternative data start-up Qineqt shuts down as the company experiences issues with scaling and pricing. Read More

What 1010data knows about the Amazon-Whole Foods deal


There is a substantial overlap in Whole Foods customers and Amazon Prime members — over half of Whole Foods customers. And they spend more than average. Read More

Can small quant shops compete with the big dogs?


Bill Libby and Manoj Narang comment on how small quant funds can compete and note that it is, indeed, possible. Read More

The evolution of analytics over the last decade

Harvard Business Review

Noted author and MIT fellow Thomas Davenport takes us through the evolution of analytics since the arrival of big data in this practical write-up. Read More

China’s private bicycle-sharing companies chart new path


7Park published research on China’s bike-sharing industry; its rapid growth points to health in the overall economy. (gated content) Read More

A survey of hedge fund strategies


Barclays surveyed 64 hedge funds and found that 54% of systematic funds use alternative or big data while 65% employ machine-learning techniques. Read More

Quant hedge funds stake their claims

Institutional Investor

The quantamental surge is real. This follow-up piece to Barclays’ recent report confirms the inexorable rise of both systematic and quantamental trading. Read More

Inside the world’s fastest growing hedge funds


While not all quantitative funds are created equal, the tune remains the same: Funds using automated investing are growing faster than any other segment in the hedge fund universe. Read More

IBM’s Watson starts picking stocks


A new ETF summons IBM’s Watson algorithm to pick stocks using a quantitative model — and you’ll soon to be able to own it. Read More

JP Morgan: Alt data altering investment landscape

Integrity Research Associaties

Integrity Research takes a look at the current alternative data landscape and examines how machines are becoming increasingly relevant for medium-term investment horizons. Read More

Barclays’ guide to AI and big data jobs in hedge funds


If you’re looking to bolster your hedge fund career prospects, data analysis is the place to be. Read More

Selling your data? Here’s what you need to know


A recent Forrester report found that companies monetizing their data are experiencing faster growth than those who are not. Read some tips on selling data from their analyst. Read More

Does your company know what to do with its data?

Harvard Business Review

A thoughtful summary from HBR on seven organizational methods to make the best use of your data. Read More

Farmers run mini-hedge funds in their cabs

Financial Times (subscription)

Alternative data from AgTech is changing the economics of agricultural trading and democratizing the arbitrage advantage. Read More

The race to monetize vehicle data


BMW and IBM team up with a plan for IBM’s Watson to ingest BMW’s telematics data and develop insights for third party providers. Read More

A.I. key for third wave of hedge fund managers


The third wave of investment management is populated by “guys aged 25-38 with totally different skill sets” than the quants and discretionary managers who came before them. Read More

Alt data provider 7Park branches out


7Park Data releases a report on international television streaming with more good news for Netflix. Read More

Conference alert: Sentiment Analysis Symposium, June 27-28

Sentiment Analysis Symposium

A New York-based event dedicated to the application of sentiment analysis to understand and exploit market drivers, whether the markets are consumer, media, or financial. Read More

Alternative data applications in risk management

Global Association of Risk Professionals

According to Data Capital Management’s Chief Risk Officer, Jack Kim, the full measure of risk in an investment portfolio must come from a combination of company fundamentals and alternative data. Read More

Picking winners in the era of machine investing


Singapore’s Gao Capital to launch a research service exclusively focused on vetting quant funds for investors. Read More

A.I. outshines big data in bonds


A new paper from Stanford pierces the opaque bond market using neural nets built from 61 attributes. Read Summary » Read Full Paper »

The truth about the dark web

Terbium Labs

Terbium Labs publishes an entertaining and informative research paper on the landscape of the dark web. Read Press Release » Read Full Paper »

Bloomberg vs. the London Stock Exchange


With the LSE’s purchase of Citigroup’s fixed income indices, Bloomberg faces a new threat to its terminal business. Read More

The next unicorn in wealth management


Addepar, an investment management platform that gives portfolio managers insight into the wealth of the 0.01 percent raises a whopping $140 million. Read More

145+ tech start-ups transforming capital markets

CB Insights

From the front-office to the back-office, a crop of new capital markets tech companies are looking to digitize and improve traditional financial services. Read More

Data science by the numbers

Did you know that by 2018 there will be a global shortage of roughly 150,000 data scientists? Impress your friends with these shareable factoids about the data economy. Read More

J.P. Morgan survey results shed light on alt data’s growth

Yahoo Finance

Survey results from the J.P. Morgan macro quantitative and derivatives conference underscore the growth of alternative data and its expected rise to prominence. Read More

The best big data companies to work for


J.P. Morgan’s been busy. Their seminal machine learning report covers many things, including the best big data companies to work for. Have a look at #28 on this alphabetical list (shameless, we know). Read More

Machine learning to shake up equity hedge funds

Financial Times (subscription)

Hedge fund veteran Jeff Tarrant of Protégé Partners speaks about the end of 2 and 20 and how AI disruption will come from the little guys. Read More

More on the machine learning shake-up

The Economist

Machine learning techniques, controversial though they may be, are not the exclusive territory of the quants. Large swathes of finance, from fraud prevention to compliance, from credit assessments to trading, are leveraging this branch of AI. Read More

Acadian takes on ESG

Institutional Investor

Acadian Asset Management is launching the first actively managed emerging markets quant strategy that excludes companies with fossil fuel reserves. Read More

Discretionary managers seek alpha in alternative data


We are “crossing the chasm,” says Vinesh Jha. The mainstream adoption of alternative data has begun, led by discretionary managers. Read More

Google plans to track credit card spending


Understanding how online behavior maps to offline sales remains one of the great unsolved problems for retailers, marketers and investors. Google is now taking that on. Read More

Calling BS on big data

Seattle Times

The University of Washington’s most popular class today seeks to debunk the ominiscience offered by big data. Think Google really predicted flu outbreaks? Think again. Read More

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