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November 2017

Early bird pricing for Quandl’s conference ends today


Today is the last day to take advantage of early bird pricing for Quandl’s Alternative Data Conference. Save $200+ and join us in New York City on January 18th. Read More

On the quantitative assessment of fine art

Bloomberg Technology

Y-Combinator backed startup, Arthena, looks to tap into AI in order to systematize art investing and provide investment alternatives for high net worth individuals. Read More

Satellites and sensitive sheep blur insider trading

Financial Times

Should every investor have access to the same data? This writer protects his turf and calls for an update to insider trading laws. Read More

My knowledge of sheep is better than yours

Bloomberg View

And then Matt Levine comes along to provide a well-informed rebuttal, claiming it is not a crime to know things others do not. Read More

More on the insider trading front

Financial Post

Canada’s Financial Post covers Quandl along with the alternative data space and takes a classically conservative position. Read More

A new crop of data farmers

The Globe and Mail

Big data is helping to take the guesswork out of farming and breeding a new generation of “data farmers”. Read More

Open information to power innovation


SafeGraph’s CEO outlines two potential futures: the utopian where data is open and accessible and the dystopian version that sees a few firms own all of the world’s most important data. Where will we land? Read More

If data is the new oil, Google wants to sell you the drilling tools

Factor Daily

An in-depth view into Google’s far-reaching applications for AI, including protecting the environment and detecting cancer. Dave Eggers, take note. Read More

Debunking the myths of alternative data


Alpha decay, time horizons and ethics are all addressed in this blog post by Quandl’s Chief Data Officer Abraham Thomas. Read More

Wall Street and the new data paradigm

International Business Times

NYU Computer Science Professor Anasse Bari explains his approach to analyzing alternative data, drawing on swarm intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning and NLP. Read More

Satellite provider Spire raises $70 million


Spire Global already fights pirates and helps bolster hedge fund returns. Now with its new cash infusion the company wants to make weather forecasting “as accurate as Swiss train schedules”. Read More

Connected car data is more accessible than you think

The Drive

With the rise of the connected car, your driving habits are becoming more readily available for sale. Researchers and McKinsey & Co. predict that vehicle data monetization could become a $750 billion global market by 2030. Read More

Applying deep learning to long-term investing

Euclidean Technologies

Euclidean Technologies summarizes its year-long research on deep learning techniques used to predict earnings, revenue and debt. View Summary »
Read Full Report »

Data philanthropy for climate action


The world is searching for data superheroes as the United Nations makes a call for increased “data philanthropy” amidst persisting climate and environmental issues. Read More

Conference alert: AI and Data Science in Capital Markets


The US version of the popular Newsweek Conference is almost upon us. The focal point will be new analysis techniques to apply to new data. Read More

Quandl conference: Early-bird tickets available


View our preliminary speaker list and take advantage of early-bird pricing (through November 30) for ADC 2018. Read More

Nothing awesome is ever easy (subscription)

Funds now realize that they must build new investment strategies to accommodate alternative data — rather than plug it into existing programs. Read More

EY and Greenwich Associates publish 2017 Global Hedge Fund Survey

Ernst & Young

The hedge fund industry is acknowledging the power of business-altering technologies such as blockchain, AI and non-traditional data, according to this new research. Read More   Read Full Report

Real estate industry expects big things from big data

Pensions & Investments

Property managers are looking at consumer data collected at their properties to gain insights into their investments. Read More

Using climate change data to predict investment risk


Deutsche Bank’s asset management division is finding ways to make investors’ portfolios more resilient to climate-related threats. Read More

A legal battle for your professional identity


A detailed account of the legal battle between LinkedIn and HiQ, with some provocative thoughts about data ownership and usage rights. Read More

“I am a Wall Street refugee.”

Tearsheet Podcast

Quandl CEO Tammer Kamel discusses the genesis of the company as well as the evolution of alternative data usage in capital markets. Listen »

Quandl hosts second Alt Data Conference in New York


Quandl’s Alternative Data Conference returns to New York City on January 18 2018. Delve into the nitty-gritty of alternative data adoption for trading strategies. Early-bird pricing in effect. Read More

Robert Mercer to step down from the helm of Renaissance

The New York Times

An illustration of how the worlds of politics and business are colliding in the Donald Trump era. Read More

An interview with Thasos CEO Greg Skibiski

Traders Magazine

The mobile location data expert sits down with Traders Magazine to discuss the usage and adoption of alpha-generating datasets amidst increasing regulatory scrutiny. Read More

Quantopian’s open letter


Quantopian CEO John Fawcett provides an update to the community on the company’s business, including the recent departure of CIO Jonathan Larkin. Read More

GS leads $10 million investment round in Crux


The new data start-up in town is working on a platform that processes large datasets and extracts value for financial firms. Read More

7Park Data releases a new dataset


7Park Data announces the launch of Business Spending Intelligence, a new alternate dataset that provides insights on business expenditures. Read More

Iron ore in a meltdown?


New on our blog: Recent regulations in China are changing the iron ore import/export market. Our CPE dataset sheds predictive light. Read More

Renaissance, DE Shaw look to quantum computing for edge

Financial Times

The next computing paradigm is drawing major interest from quant hedge funds that demand speed and reliability in their portfolio optimization. Read More

The centralization of the data economy

Financial Times

The idea of creating “data trusts” is resurfacing as governments look to work with independent institutions to encourage data sharing from both public and private sectors. Read More

How-to: A trading strategy using ML


This detailed post from backtesting start-up Auquan will help you select, train and optimize the right model. Read More

When Silicon Valley came to Wall Street

Financial Times

Nothing you don’t already know here but this piece nicely summarizes alt data adoption across capital markets. Read More

Airbnb nabs #1 ranked data scientist


Gilberto Titericz gets poached from Petrobras after achieving grandmaster status on Kaggle. Read More

But this guy might still be available


Kevin Frans is shaking up AI with his senior research paper on retraining AI bots — and he’s still in high school. Read More

Firms trade traders


Citigroup, BlackRock and Citadel appear to be trading quantitatively focused traders as they each reshuffle their equities teams. Read More

Risk management to be upended just like trading

Bloomberg Professional Services

The confluence of big data, high-speed computing and artificial intelligence offers new tools to risk managers. Read More

Susquehanna to bet on sports


The firm will open Dublin-based Nellie Analytics, a unit that will apply the same quantitative rigor to sports betting as they do to investing. Read More

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